August Restaurant



Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast $28.50
Buttery spaetzle. Sautéed vegetables. Sweet mustard drizzle.
Pork Belly “Burnt Ends” $28.50
Double smoked pork belly. Rhubarb bbq sauce. Pennine pasta.
Creamy aged cheddar cheese sauce. Red onion jam.
Butternut Squash Schnitzel $23.50
Spaeztle. Creamed Brussels spouts. Sauerkraut. Red onion jam.
Blackened Salmon $32
Heirloom mixed rice. Sautéed vegetables.
Dill pickle tartar sauce. Roasted lemon.
Roasted Chicken Bacon Gnocchi $28.50
Tender blackened chicken breast. Bacon. Cheese and potato gnocchi.
Tomato vodka cream sauce. Asiago
Braised Beef Bourgignon $28.50
Tender red wine braised beef. Bacon. Mushrooms. Creamy parsnip puree. Yorkshire pudding.

Available from 4pm Tuesday – Saturday

Make it a prix fix – add $16. Includes half size appetizer and any dessert.