August Restaurant



Warm Cream Scones $6
House-made preserves.
Brioche French Toast $13.95
With caramelized sugar and lemon curd.
Build-Your-Own Breakfast $15.95
Two eggs. Bacon, sausage, falafel or avocado. Crispy potatoes.
Breakfast Gnocchi $17.95
Cheese and potato gnocchi. Bacon. Garlic cream sauce. Asiago. Two eggs any style.
Mushroom, Sausage and Brussel Sprouts $16.95
Two eggs. Sautéed shiitake and cremini mushrooms. House-made herb and fennel sausage. Crispy potatoes. Toast or cornbread.
Savoury Crepes $17.95
Scrambled eggs. Season’s best veggies. Buckwheat crepes. Garlic cream. Asiago. Crispy potatoes. Toast or cornbread.
Spanish Veggie Frittata $16.95
3 eggs. Spicy tofu chorizo. Sweet roasted red pepper and onions. Whipped feta. Crispy potatoes. Toast or cornbread.
“Dave’s Fave” Omelet $16.95
3 eggs. Caramelized onions. Bacon. Double cream brie. Toast or cornbread. Crispy potatoes.